EPISODE 1 – Intro

The no bullcrap daily dose of whatever the hell is going on at the moment. I’m Rayne, I’m from Perth Australia, I have 3 children, 6, 8 and 10 (currently still at school) and this is how we are surviving.


Everything is changing so rapidly. You think you’re doing the right thing one minute only to be told you can’t do it the next. Is mental health the next epidemic?


80% of people look at their phones first thing in the morning. Did you know that it is scientifically proven to set you up for a worse day? If you knew without a doubt that doing something at the beginning of your day would ensure you cope better with stress and anxiety and improve the quality of your day would you do it? Would you then give your kids this incredible gift?

Show notes:

Essential oil inhalers can be ordered through @miself.co


Challenging the perspective. I’m a little sick of all the sensationalist news. All the fear and big ‘deadly’ words. I may not agree with everything this guy says but it’s so nice to see another perspective. One that gives me peace and hope that we can be in control of this thing if we choose it.

Show notes:

Brian Rose’s interview with Davie Icke on London Real TV


A smile is just as contagious as a virus. Smile FFS! if not for yourself, then for our kids.


You’ve heard it all before! But trust me, meditation is not a dirty word. What if I told you why and how it could be the key to curing all the madness.

Show notes:

Article on Huff Post about meditation
TM Meditation. What it is and where you can learn.
Book that was referenced. You can have it all just not at the same damn time.
Dr Joe Dispenza on meditation and how to change your genes.


I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see my kids. But will how long will the excitement last? The battles of share custody in isolation.


This is HARD! Overwhelmed, alone and scared. Working, teaching, mothering, cooking, cleaning. I’m ready to give in my resignation.


I heard someone say yesterday to throw your routines out the window to survive. I don’t agree at all….


Homeschool day 1. Why it was a massive fail a what I did about it.


My friend called me having a panic attack. What are they and how to support someone who is.


Everyone is a fricken expert! Where are you getting your info from? Who and what are you believing and why? Where we need to look and why we need to take a stand against the gossip and judgment, especially because no one really knows what the hell they are talking about.